Soon To Be A Watson - Taylor Ollason

GUYS. I literally have no words for this blog post other then…AMAZING. AWESOME. ADVENTUROUS. Leandra and Kyle were troopers and decided they wanted to do a sunrise session even though it was freeeezing. Not only were they down for an early morning, but they were open to all the weird and fun ideas I had! I started off bold by making them stand in the middle of the street with the sunrise behind them and then we eventually made our way to the top of a parking garage for some different views of the city. But the real magic came at the end, when the sun was peaking through the buildings and I told them to get reaaaal close and cuddle. The sun was outlining their bodies perfectly, creating this beautiful halo around them, making for a perfect silhouette. If their engagement session was this fun, I can only imagine how amazing the wedding will be - which is being held at Mr. Smalls, the coolest concert venue in Pittsburgh!