Oh hello!! It's your favorite blogger that hasn't blogged in...a month and a half!!! I know all of you miss me (for the ones that read this) but MAN has this been a busy season for me. Between weddings every weekend, working the Steeler games and some freelance for them, to all of the engagement sessions before it's freezing out....I'm tired just reading that sentence out loud. BUT fear not! I am back and wrapping up the final weddings and such of the season and finally finding time to look back at all of my weddings and find my favorite images for blogs!! I've been teasing a few on Instagram but this blog is all about Cassie and Gary. If you've followed for awhile, you know I did their engagement session here in Pittsburgh on the North Side last fall. These two were an absolute DREAM to photograph. Not a moment went by the whole day were they weren't grinning from ear to ear and having the actual time of their lives. I'm SO sad that these two live in Philly (also because Pittsburgh is the better city) but because they were so fun to be around and hang out with for the day!!! I wish these two nothing but the best! 

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