A Storybook Love - Taylor Ollason

I’m going to jump right into this post because I am SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERY SINGLE IMAGE. Guys I swear, I couldn’t narrow it down to my “best” for this post. It was SO difficult. After an hour of going through these images, I FINALLY made my decision. I apologize now if there are too many (just kidding, there’s never too many options). A year ago, I met Chelsie and Tyler for ice cream (I knew it was meant to be), and we discussed how they met. Their love story was something simple, they went to high school together, dated for a brief period, then went their separate ways. It wasn’t until 5 years later that they reconnected and tried once more. That’s when everything fell into place. Their entire wedding day was filled with so much love and happiness. There was a moment that I took them outside to shoot some sunset pictures and I had them look at the beautiful sky. I said to Chelsie “look at Tyler for a moment” and while she did that, she cried tears of happiness. Happy that their special day had arrived and they could finally call one another “husband and wife”. It was a moment so simple, but truly one of my favorite moments in wedding history. Chelsie and Tyler, thank you for allowing me to capture every smile, laughter and happy tear!