HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE BEST BLOG POST I’LL HAVE IN A REALLY LONG TIME. No seriously, I’m screaming that because I actually screamed when I took these. And then again when I got home and edited them. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I spent 10 days overseas in the very gorgeous Greek Islands. Truly a trip of a lifetime. What made the trip 10000x more special is this shoot right here. I met Matt and Kayla the very first night at our welcome dinner and being nebby, I was listening to their conversation about how they hired a photographer to photograph them throughout the iconic Santorini, but had to back out. Here’s where I poke my head down the table and say “Hey hi I do this for a living!!” What I didn’t know was that Matt wanted to propose to Kayla on a roof that we (probably illegally) climbed with the beautiful blue ocean and white houses as the background. Let me just say it again, ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!! I had a really hard time narrowing down which images I wanted to share but ahhhhhh enjoy! Matt and Kayla, what an honor to be able to photograph you two and to have met you and spend 10 days island hopping with you! You two are the best ever.

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