Wedding Day Essentials - Taylor Ollason

Happy Friday friends! I know you’re all used to me posting at the beginning of the week and usually about a wedding or engagement shoot I did, but I wanted to do a quick post about an item I recently purchased for wedding days. This specific product is photographer related but this shop has WAY more than just camera straps!! So I’ll be sure to include their info at the bottom and tag them on my Instagram post! I posted a short video on my Instagram story about my new dual camera strap purchase, because honestly I was SO excited that it finally arrived. And then I realized that I sent my main camera out to be serviced so I had to wait extra long to put it all together. Well, now BOTH my cameras are back in my hands and I was able to try out the strap in its full form. I love being able to customize things and put my own little touch on them, so when I found RSVPhandcrafted on Etsy, I knew that I would be getting exactly what I wanted. I also love being able to support small businesses..Etsy for the win! The leather that is used for the strap, and really most of his products, is all hand dyed natural leather. (I used to work in a leather goods shop and the smell of this straight out of the box was to die for!) It comes with quick release hooks and the screws for DSLR cameras which is very convenient. To add the personal touch I was looking for, I added a name tag (I went with the burgundy color) and the tree branch pattern stamp. The overall color of the straps is a beautiful medium brown. I’m truly so pleased with this purchase and I know that it’ll make wedding days 400x easier! This is definitely way longer than I wanted it to be, so for those still reading thank you! I’ve added some photos so you can see all the details!

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