Laura & Nick - Taylor Ollason

Ahhh, the wonderful feeling of Friday. A Friday off no less!! Since it’s our bye week, the Steelers office is closed today(hooray!). So I’ve been spending my morning catching up on 2 weddings, some wedding albums, and preparing myself for a wedding tomorrow! I also managed to squeeze in some me time with a massage(pure bliss). Ahhh, Fridays. It’s also a rainy, gray (typical) day here in the ‘Burgh, which is definitely my favorite kind of off day vibe. I’m not the only one right?! Something about cozying up in a coffee shop, with a warm mug next to you, makes working a little less dull. This wedding happened a few weeks ago at the incredibly beautiful Embassy Suites. I was a little worried that the inside wouldn’t be ideal for photos, but man was I proven wrong. Not only was the inside amazing, but we lucked out with the weather and the sunset, as you’ll totally see below. I’ve known Laura basically since I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, 6 or so years ago. We used to work at Gold’s Gym together and the minute she got engaged, she texted me. I’m pretty sure I found out before Facebook did! I was ecstatic to know she wanted me to photograph both her engagement photos and her wedding. Both sessions turned out so gorgeous and I’m really just going to let these photos speak for themselves. Laura and Nick, you two are so amazing together and I wish you nothing but the best!!!

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