A Forever Love - Taylor Ollason

How the heck is it December already!? This year has literally flown by and I’m somehow about to do my LAST wedding of 2017. That is so unreal, but it’s a wedding I cannot wait for (obviously I’ll blog about it). I have probably 20 shoots I could blog about right now, but I wanted to share this amazing wedding with you that I did in the beginning of November. Leah and John found me at the end of last year and they were actually the first couple I ever blogged about! I was so in love with their engagement shoot and the love that they had for each other that I had to share it with everyone. Their engagement shoot was full of laughter and smiles, so I knew that they’re wedding day wouldn’t be any different. Even after being together for 10 years, when they saw each other for the first look, they were both giddy, excited and shedding tears of happiness (which made me shed some behind my camera). Leah and John, you were are a dream. I can only hope that one day I find someone as perfect for me as you two are together.

Huge thank you to Joe Brown for helping me with this day!!

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